The term Enterprise Service Management (ESM) was born when adoption of IT Service Management concepts and practices started to spread into other departments. (e.g. ITIL).

Service management principles have evolved beyond just IT processes, as was their primary purpose in the past. Where other departments, such as HR and facilities, have always offered services, they were not so used to using frameworks or principles to manage that service delivery whereas in IT, that has been the case. Enterprise systems management is the practice of applying IT service management to other areas of an enterprise or organization with the purpose of improving performance, efficiency, and service delivery.

In short, it’s taking what works well in IT Service Management and applying it to the entire enterprise. ESM mirrors components of ITSM such as:

  • Service management theories and principles
  • Structures and technologies including:
    • Service Desks
    • Working Practices
    • Incident request and change management software
    • Self-service (knowledge management; chatbots etc.)
    • The use of automation

You might incorporate one or several ITSM frameworks into your ESM practices to integrate their overall business goals in a way that:

    • Deliver and co-creates value
    • Maintain a standard level of competency
    • Meet and exceed customer expectations
    • Beat competitor offerings
    • Align with legal and regulatory requirements
    • Enhance the customer experience
    • Develop Value streams
    • Exploit Digital transformation, incorporating DevOps, cloud, and agile approaches, among others

At LHC we can help.

At Lyons House Consulting we provide the people, processes, tools and knowledge to ensure your services remain relevant and successful.

We work in partnership with our clients to help them balance the need for stability and operational agility. We can help organisations integrate their organisational capabilities, break down silos, and lead the development of high performance cross-functional teams that work more effectively and efficiently.

Irrespective of business size, shape, complexity or geographical location, here at LHC we believe we have something to offer all businesses.

Enterprise Services

  • Strategy and Planning
  • Assessments
  • Design and Implementation
  • Coaching & Mentoring
  • Tooling selection
  • Process Design, Implementation and Improvement
  • Training needs assessments
  • Resource recruitment
  • Bespoke Research
  • Service Improvement initiatives
  •  Service Desk – Design & Implementation
  • Value Stream Modelling

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