Change is endemic. The pressures for change come from all sides: globalisation, government initiatives, doing more with less, improving quality and, whats more, the pace of change is ever increasing. Living with change and managing change is an essential skill for all.

Change is also difficult. There are many different types of change and different approaches to managing change. It is a topic subject to more than its fair share of management fads, quick fixes and guaranteed win approaches. Finding an approach that suits each individual situation is the key to effective and professional Change Management.

It is widely recognised that for any organisation to survive and succeed it must change constantly. However, for many organisations the need for effective change management isn’t identified or it’s value understood. It is for this reason that most transformational changes fail, or at best the expected benefits are not realised.

Change Management

At LHC we can help.

At Lyons House Consulting we have a team of experienced and certified Change Management practitioners that can help.

Change management is a process that helps ease any organisational transitions. More specifically, it aids on the people side of change. In essence, it helps “employees to understand, commit to, accept, and embrace changes in their current business environment.

Change Management Services

  • Recognise the drivers for change and share the organisational vision
  • Consider the impact of change on individuals within the organisation
  • Identify different organisation cultures and understand their impact on the change process
  • Select an appropriate framework to use as the basis for the creation of a change management plan
  • Plan learning activities to support change
  • Identify and analyse stakeholders to understand their influence on the change plan
  • Create and implement a communications management plan
  • Develop an effective change team
  • Develop organisations that can respond well to change
  • Establish appropriate governance structures
  • Prepare for large facilitated workshops to encourage meaningful dialog with those affected by the change.
  • Design change that really does become the new business as usual

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